3Ply Solutions



Shay Mikalson is the Founding Principal of 3Ply Solutions.  3Ply is a consulting firm that believes we will be known by the problems we solve– and so we aim to creatively support school leaders, districts, regional educational centers, and organizations with the uncommon ability to see a need and implement a problem-solving solution.

3 Ply Solutions pursue two aspects in our work: education and implementation.

Education–3Ply Solutions provides a series of opportunities to educate others in the pursuit of ideas that create change. We inspire, challenge, and encourage others to make our school communities better by making ideas into concrete action through:

  • Consulting Engagements that include strategic advisory services, systems integration, and school improvement project application and development.  From the strategic alignment of meaningful performance evaluations,  job-embedded professional development, and new compensation models to the development of personalized learning solutions empowered by technology that include SIS integration, one-to-one digital conversions, and data use services that build educators’ abilities to analyze data and drive sustainable change through better instructional decisions–3Ply Solutions focuses on creating new solutions to old problems. Your creation could be next by contacting Shay Mikalson at shay.mikalson@me.com.
  • Professional Development that embeds itself in the schools we serve, taking a hands-on approach with local data and curriculum to help educators improve the way teachers teach and students learn, implement CCSS and strengthen areas like school leadership and climate.  From data coaching and the creation of data rooms, to the translating of standards into an actionable language for teaching and learning, to proficiency/competency-based education, to family and school community engagement–3Ply Solutions is founded on the understanding that to bring about real and lasting change learning cannot be limited to students but must instead ensure our clients entire school community can grow, evolve and adapt accordingly.  Your growth could be next by contacting Shay Mikalson at shay.mikalson@me.com.

Implementation–We believe we are able to speak into the work and school improvement projects of others, because we are doing the hard work ourselves. We understand the challenges firsthand.  As 3Ply Solutions Founding Principal, Shay Mikalson is an active educator with hands-on classroom, principal, district administrative, and superintendent experience.  We have implemented of our own projects:



Plywood is made of three thin layers of wood bonded together.  Each layer of wood, known as a ply, is usually oriented with its grain running in stark contrast to the adjacent layer in order to improve the strength of the finished piece.  3Ply Solutions believes there is strength in numbers.  Making a stronger unit by working together to solve problems collectively is what defines 3Ply Solutions.  Finding problems is easy. Securing the necessary resources to help you address your problems is harder.  Recruiting others to join in solving the problem is the key.  To solve problems we must attract great people.

3Ply Solutions catalyzes its clients into doers of unthinkable action.  For, if we have all the greatest ideas in the world and they never come to life, we have failed the reasons for ideas.  Purpose becomes practical when ideas come to life.  3Ply Solutions is dedicated to helping your organization lean toward action and implementation.  Plywood is a short-term solution to a long-term problem.  It’s a little different than a band-aid, its longer lasting and it helps defend. It’s a lasting material, yet not the ultimate solution. It is a jump start on a trajectory toward problem solving.  There may be a better solution in the end, but it, like 3Ply Solutions itself, propels progress in a stagnant place of great need.  

When 3Ply solutions sees the need for physical or metaphorical plywood in our school communities, we see opportunity for change.

Together, we will be known by the problems we solve. 



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